Ann Recreates Wartime History

04 Jul

A key day in Pembroke Dock’s wartime history has been frozen in time, thanks to the skills of a Sunderland Trust Volunteer.

Ann Neville has meticulously recreated RAF Pembroke Dock’s Operations Board for one of the critical days following the D-Day Invasion in June 1944.

From a faded photograph Ann has extracted all the lettering and numbers on the original – dated 10th June – which was displayed in the RAF Station’s operations room.

It lists the names of 23 pilots and the individual letters of their Sunderland flying boats – tragically two of the aircraft and their crews did not return on that date.

There remains a mystery about the Operations Board – the letters FOCY have not been deciphered but the Sunderland Trust Team hopes that someone will know what they stood for.

The board is now on display at the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre in the Royal Dockyard Chapel which is open Mondays to Saturdays inclusive.

Operations Board RAF

The Original Operations Board photograph – now part of the Sunderland Trust Archive

Ann Neville Operations Board 614

Ann Neville with the newly created Operations Board PICTURE: Martin Cavaney Photography