Community Support

26 Feb

The Sunderland Trust is a respected organisation with strong links to both Pembroke Dock and Pembrokeshire and often support events being held by other organisations and communities.

In 2013 the Trust took the lead in organising three days of events celebrating the seventieth anniversary of the battle of the Atlantic-the only organisation to celebrate the event in Wales.RAF Costal command attended a church service and commemorated the event by unveiling a memorial stone placed in front of the Garrison Chapel and also organised a formal dinner.22 squadron of RAF Air Sea Rescue provided a demonstration in the waterway co-operation with the local RNLI and along with local community groups the trust organised a two exhibition in the town’s local community hall. Organised walks were also arranged and supervised as part of this very successful weekend. It is a measure of the Trust that it took the co-operation and teamwork of both staff and volunteers to organise an event that was received so well by the public and media.