Optics boost for Sunderland dive team

04 Mar

Dive Group Maggs Opticians 214Divers who monitor the Sunderland flying boat lying on the seabed off Pembroke Dock will now have a clearer view of their ‘charge’, thanks to generous sponsorship by Maggs Optics of Haverfordwest.


The Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust Dive Group has been boosted by the donation of special lens which fit into inserts for the full face masks which the divers use. This will allow four of the divers who normally wear glasses to see much more clearly when they work at 20 metres below the surface of the Haven.


Group member Dai Humphreys, who first contacted Maggs Optics, said: “The inserts look like spectacles which click into the face masks. Paul Maggs and his team have fitted individual prescription lens into four pairs so those of us who wear glasses are now able to see clearly our instruments and close up work.”


Dive colleague Chris Gammon added: “The lenses are expensive items so the sponsorship has been a massive help to us as we prepare for a new season of diving on Sunderland T9044.”


Paul Maggs, Director of Maggs Optics, said: “We are happy to help the Sunderland Trust Dive Group to pursue their goals.”


The Dive Group – part of the Sunderland Trust’s volunteer team – is hoping for much better weather this spring so that diving can resume on the Sunderland, which is the only Battle of the Atlantic campaign survivor.


Many parts of T9044 have already been recovered and are on display at the Flying Boat Centre and Workshop in the Dockyard at Pembroke Dock. This is open Tuesdays to Saturdays inclusive and is a very popular visitor attraction.




Paul Maggs (left) and Dai Humphreys (right) are pictured with Maggs Optics staff members Tina Weake and Naomi Dalton and Dive Group members Chris Gammon, Rik Saldanha and Nigel Evans.

PICTURE: Martin Cavaney Photography.