Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust

26 Feb


This long term business strategy deliver’s a highly successful visitor attraction that will become a viable and sustainable business within a five year period. Total project costs may exceed £4 million which is broken down into three key phases. Within each phase there is ample opportunity and a need for individuals, organisations and authorities to contribute and at every level.


Pembroke Dock has more than two hundred years of well recorded military heritage that stretches even further back to Henry Tudor’s invasion of 1485.The aim of the Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust is to share this unique history and experience with the world using a fine Georgian building, the Royal Dockyard ‘Garrison Chapel’ to create the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre.

Pembroke Dock once had a thriving shipbuilding industry,c1785 building more than 250 ships and sea craft including all fine of the Royal Yachts that preceded Britannia. Very few people are aware of this substantial maritime heritage though much of the manmade landscape confirms the activity.

Pembroke Dock was the world’s largest ever Flying Boat port and is unique in that it is the only town within the UK that had an association with all three UK Armed services -the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force at the same point in history.

Pembrokeshire is in need of all weather all season visitor attractions and also lacks a modern museum experience -our aim is to share our heritage in a way that is exciting to young people absorbing for their parents and enjoyable to their grandparents.

The Trust will provide a museum, an archive a place for memories to be recoded and a place for experiences to be shared. The Trust has been appointed ‘Digital Heritage Station’ for Pembrokeshire and are now part of the peoples collection of Wales, a project supervised by the National Library and which further enhances the existing comprehensive archive facilities.

For our younger audience we provide a place for learning, a place to play a place to mend things and a place to create things. We will be providing a venue where an entire family can spend an afternoon, a morning or a whole day discovering what really mattered in our recent history as well as the past-and have fun while they do.

We will generate interest and revive memories of bravery, hardship and remarkable feats of enginerring as well as remembering the happy times that do occur, even in times of conflict.

The project will support recovery, from the adjacent Milford Haven Waterway the wreck  of a unique aircraft -the Short Mark 1 Sunderland Flying Boat registration ‘T9044’.This will eventually form part of the ‘Large exhibit collection ‘and housed in a glass exhibition hall.

The Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre can become a sustainable enterprise ,a perpetual and ever growing memory bank and a captivating experience for everyone that visits