Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert

26 Feb


Yachts Fit for A Queen

Five Royal yachts’ were built at Pembroke Dockyard, Reflecting its premier status. Three were named Victoria and Albert after the long reigning Monarch and her consort. The Royal yacht’s were:

1843:Paddle yacht Victoria and Albert(I). launched on April 26th. Of 1,034 tons she served under this name until 1855, was renamed Osborne and remained in service until 1867. Broken up at Portsmouth 1868.

In 1847 HM  Yacht Victoria and Albert carrying Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, came into Milford Haven and Prince Albert visited Pembroke Dockyard to view the ‘Lion’ -an 80-gun two-decker warship-which was under construction.

1855.Paddle yacht Victoria and Albert (II) Launched January 16th and served Queen Victoria for the rest of her life. Dimensions: 360ft long 2,470 displacement, speed 15 knots, crew 240. Vessel was scrapped 1904.

1863. Alberta 370 tons, classed as a tender to Victoria and Albert. Broken up at Portsmouth 1912.

1870. Paddle yacht Osborne launched December 19th, replacing yacht of same name formerly  known as Victoria and Albert. Classed as a tender to Victoria and Albert she weighed 1,805 tons and was scrapped in 1908.

1899. Twin -screw yacht Victoria and Albert (III) launched May 9th. Measuring 380 feet by 40 feet and weighing 4,700 tons, it cost £572.000, reputedly well over half the cost of a modern battleship. Queen Victoria died seven months before the yacht was completed.

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