Transforming a secret garden

21 Feb

Green shoots are sprouting as the Green Links Team, working with COAST participants, transforms a walled garden in the historic Pembroke Dockyard.

Fleet Surgeons Secret Garden


The hidden garden is part of the Fleet Surgeon’s House which is being developed by the Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust as a visitor centre.

When the Trust took over the building a year ago the garden was a jungle, but all that has changed after COAST and Green Links – a community interest company based atPembrokeSchool- got involved.

Green Links team members, working with Director Adam Cumine, have put in many hours clearing undergrowth, planning and laying out paths and starting to create raised beds for flowers and vegetables.

The garden design was worked on by Phil Symmonds and Chris Baker of Coast with important contributions by Glynnis Iles of the Sunderland Trust staff team.

Said Glynnis: “This is a secret garden which has tremendous possibilities. We are working towards creating a wartime ‘Dig For Victory’ garden here, for school groups and visiting parties to experience and enjoy. This will highlight a very important period in our recent history.”

An elegant Georgian building, the Fleet Surgeon’s House is being developed by the Sunderland Trust as the ‘Fleets to Flying Boats Centre’, together with the Glass House Coffee Shop which has proved very popular with local people and visitors.

*  Green Links CIC is a very successful social enterprise which provides high quality skills training and work experience for young people and adults of all abilities, including those with learning disabilities, to develop social, educational and environmental skills.

*  COAST is part of the regional ‘COASTAL’ Project which promotes vocational training, skills and lifelong learning opportunities, to disadvantaged groups. Coast offers a strong support package which helps individuals to achieve their maximum potential to improve skills towards gaining employment.