Welsh Memories of ‘Millennium Falcon’

11 Sep

The revelation that a new ‘Millennium Falcon’ is being built in great secrecy at a former airfield has brought back memories of the original super spaceship – constructed in an aircraft hangar in west Wales.

In March 1979 the story was finally broken that the ‘Millennium Falcon’ – destined to ‘fly’ into film immortality in the Star Wars epic ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ piloted by Hans Solo – was being created in a giant flying boat hangar at Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire.

This week a pilot taking publicity shots for a flying school captured images of the new secret spaceship, being made for a new Star Wars film, at Greenham Common, Berkshire – a former military airfield.


The news has sparked worldwide interest.


At Pembroke Dock’s new Heritage Centre there are displays featuring the original ‘Millennium Falcon’ and rare pictures taken inside the hangar which once housed massive Sunderland flying boats.


Eleanor Evans, of the Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust, which operates the Centre, said: “There is great interest in Pembroke Dock’s special place in Star Wars history. Our ‘Millennium Falcon’ was 65ft long, 16ft tall and weighed in at 16 tons. It did ‘fly’, but only one and a half inches off the ground! The project was so secret that the work team only referred to it by the code name ‘Magic Roundabout’.”