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Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust operates Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre, and is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1120476. We do not receieve any regular external funding and rely on donations to continue to operate.

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Articles associated with the collections held by the Trust

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Sentinels of the Sky

    Sentinels of the Sky

    A painting which captures Pembroke Dock’s military, maritime and aviation heritage in one iconic image has been acquired for the Heritage Centre’s art collection. The watercolour, depicting a Sunderland flying […]

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: A uniform project for volunteers

    A uniform project for volunteers

    The Sunderland Trust received a little bit of good news this week, as it was informed that it had been successful in its bid for a small grant to help […]

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: Icons of the Cleddau: A Sunderland Study

    Icons of the Cleddau: A Sunderland Study

    Monday 26 September to Saturday 17 December 2016 A new Special Exhibition for autumn and winter 2016 highlighting the Trust’s art collection will open from Monday 26th September. This exhibition will […]

  • Weighty puzzle for Heritage Centre team

    A mystery machinery item – found in a house clearance – has set the team at the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre a weighty puzzle. It was donated recently with suggestions […]

  • History Behind the Headstones

    Remarkable stories behind Pembrokeshire headstones will soon become available in book form, all thanks to the dedicated and painstaking research of a Pembroke man. Owen Vaughan has spent thousands of […]

  • Airfield Return for Pilot’s Family and Friends

    The ashes of a Sunderland pilot have been scattered on the airfield where he made wartime aviation history. The wife and grandson of Gordon Singleton were joined by friends at […]

  • The Archive Team

    The Archive is manned by volunteers and supported by the administration staff. Being appointed as the digital Centre for Pembrokeshire by the peoples collection of Wales project means that both […]

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: HMS Amphion (1911)

    HMS Amphion (1911)

      HMS Amphion was an Active-class scout cruiser of the Royal Navy. She was built at Pembroke Dockyard and launched on 4 December 1911. She became the first ship of […]

  • Pembroke Dock The Temperance Hall

    The Temperance Hall was built as a non alcoholic social centre for organisations  such as the Rechabites’ Friendly Society. It offered an alternative to the  town’s many inns and public […]

  • Keep, Sunderland, Warrior and build a museum, West Wales Guardian Wednesday, September 6th, 1968

      Call to Pembroke Dock Residents   Now that Pembroke Dock residents have voted overwhelmingly in favour of retaining the name of the town, all should unite in furthering its […]