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Weighty puzzle for Heritage Centre team

11 Nov
Mystery Object Aled and Alan 1115

A mystery machinery item – found in a house clearance – has set the team at the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre a weighty puzzle. It was donated recently with suggestions that it might be connected to the wartime Sunderland, T9044, which sank off the town 75 years ago this month. Aled Lewis, who recently joined […]

Education Visits

28 Jul
Timeline graphic

Education Visits at the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre. The Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre, opened by the Queen in April, has a great many stories to tell. From the history of the Royal Dockyard which built over 260 ships and 5 Royal Yachts to the oil tank fire which raged for 14 days and is described as second only […]

Education Visits Frequently Asked Questions

28 Jul

Education Visits Frequently asked questions  The Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust operates the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre.  Can we eat and drink on site? The Coffee Shop is located within the main hall however only goods bought in the Coffee Shop may be consumed there. No food or drinks are allowed anywhere else in the main […]