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If every website visitor donated £1.00, we could raise almost double the amount raised by all our fundraising in 2018, and we would safeguard our Heritage for another year.

Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust operates Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre, and is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1120476. We do not receieve any regular external funding and rely on donations to continue to operate.

Please support our work by considering a small donation through our Local Giving page.

Support Us

Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre is run by Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust, which is a charity registered in England and Wales, number 1120476.  The Trust relies on income from Heritage Centre admissions, sales from the Gift Shop and Coffee Shop, as well as charitable donations from visitors and members of the public.

How can you help?

By paying for admission or by spending money in the Gift Shop or Coffee Shop, you are already supporting the Trust, but if you would like to help further there are a number of ways you can do this.  Admissions can be accepted under the Gift Aid scheme when topped up by a small voluntary donation.  By choosing to Gift Aid your admission, we are able to claim a small amount of your tax back. To find out more about Gift Aid, click here (this will open a new window and take you to the official website).


There are a number of collection boxes in the Heritage Centre, and we are grateful for any amount of additional donation from our visitors. This type of donation can also be given through the Gift Aid scheme.

We do receive donations through other means. If you would like details of other ways that we can accept donations, please contact us, or click here to donate now through our Local Giving page.

It is also possible to support the work of the Trust when shopping online through sites like Amazon or Ebay, or when buying household goods or even holidays. Often the website can donate 1 or 2% of your purchase value to the Trust. This doesn’t involve spending any extra money, but is given to the Trust when you make your purchase. These small amounts can quickly accumulate – especially as we attract more supporters! Click here for more details.

“I thoroughly applaud the activities of the Trust in seeking to keep the rich history of Pembroke Dockyard alive.
I appreciated all their help in the preparation of my book Erebus – The Story of a Ship, and I hope, like me, you’ll give this local treasure all the support they need.”

Michael Palin

Subscription Membership

If you would like to receive a little something in recognition of your donation, please consider the following tiers of subscription membership. Please click the category headings below in yellow to find out more information.









Duration of benefits

One year

Five years


Free entry to Heritage Centre for member plus 4 others




Lapel pin 



Personalised plaque  


Named on Fellowship Scroll of Honour  


Please note that we can also accept Gift Aid on all forms of membership, unless you are buying it as a gift for somebody else.

Now you can get all the benefits of Membership by taking out a monthly direct debit through our Local Giving page.  A minimum of £2 per month will give you all the benefits of ‘Friend’ membership above, for as long as you maintain the Direct Debit payment.  Click here to set up the direct debit.

A gift in your Will

It can be arranged for individuals to leave a charitable gift to the Trust in their will.

Please click here for further details.

Corporate Supporters

The Trust has a Corporate Membership scheme, and is continually seeking to work with businesses who would like to support the town’s heritage.

If your business would like to work with the Trust, whether through the Membership scheme, or in a different way such as by providing in kind assistance, we would very much like to hear from you.

Why does Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust need donations?

At present the Trust doesn’t receive any kind of funding to help with daily running costs, except for a small but essential grant from Pembroke Dock Town Council.

The amount of income raised from admissions, and from the Gift Shop and Coffee Shop only accounts for about 60% of our core costs, and the rest is made up through voluntary income such as donations, fundraising events, membership subscriptions and from Gift Aid.

Without these contributions, the Heritage Centre would be forced to close and the Trust would have nowhere to store or display the collections of historic objects.

How will my donation help?

In addition to profit made in the Gift Shop and Coffee Shop, and income received from Admissions, the Trust needs to generate £20,000 each year from donations and corporate sponsorship.

This money can not only help to keep the Heritage Centre going by paying for essential running costs, but will also support our work with historic items including those recovered from Sunderland T9044. It will also enable us to continue our important work with the community in Pembroke Dock.  This includes work with local and regional organisations, in providing volunteer placements, back-to-work schemes, educational opportunities for schools and families and a range of other benefits to the people of Pembroke Dock and the wider community.

While the Trust is grateful for all offers of financial support, we may not be able to accept some donations if conditions on how they are spent are imposed. However, if you would like to help sponsor an existing activity or project please contact us for further details.


Contact us

If you would like to consider making a donation of any size, if you are thinking about one of our subscriptions, or if you would like to offer us a gift in your Will, please write to us at:

Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust,
Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre,
Royal Dockyard Chapel,
Meyrick Owen Way,
Pembroke Dock,
SA72 6WS

Telephone: 01646 684220

Many thanks for considering a donation; we are incredibly grateful to all donors.