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If every website visitor donated £1.00, we could raise almost double the amount raised by all our fundraising in 2018, and we would safeguard our Heritage for another year.

Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust operates Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre, and is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1120476. We do not receieve any regular external funding and rely on donations to continue to operate.

Please support our work by considering a small donation through our Local Giving page.

A Gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your Will is a very special way to support The Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust’s work in preserving and interpreting the unique heritage of Pembroke Dock and the surrounding area, and in working with the local community.

Be remembered for remembering them

We understand that when it comes to your Will, your family and friends must come first. Once you have cared for them, a gift in your Will could be the best way to remember and support us, especially if our work has been important to you or those close to you. By supporting our work in conserving and maintaining Pembroke Dock’s remarkable heritage, you can ensure it lives on for current and future generations.

The Trust is enormously grateful for every donation received, regardless of its value. Each person who supports The Trust becomes part of our unique history and more importantly, our future.

A gift in your Will

Simply let your solicitors know that you would like to include a gift to The Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust in your Will, and provide our full address and charity registration number:

The Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust,
Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre,
Royal Dockyard Chapel,
Meyrick Owen Way,
Pembroke Dock, SA72 6WS

Registered in England and Wales as a charity number: 1120476.
Company registration number: 05920931.

Your solicitor will be able to advise you of the different options available to you.

If you would like to make a gift for a specific purpose, please contact us first so that the Trust can ensure that your wish is practicable and that your instructions will be carried out in line with your bequest.

Our work

We rely on charitable donations, and your bequest will assist our work in a variety of ways:

  • Recovering and preserving parts of Short Sunderland T9044 from the Haven waterway
  • Telling the vital story of RAF Coastal Command in Pembrokeshire during the Second World War, and of the individuals from around the world who served here
  • Interpreting Wales’ only Royal Dockyard and the 263 Royal Navy vessels and 5 Royal Yachts built here over its 112 year ship-building history
  • Working with our dedicated and passionate team of knowledgeable volunteers
  • Facilitating local schools, community groups and visitors to Pembrokeshire to help them learn and understand the importance of our unique heritage
  • Involving disadvantaged sections of the community in providing access to culture, heritage and the arts

Contact us

If you would like to leave a gift in your Will and want to discuss it with us, or if you have already included us in your Will and would like to let us know, please contact us:

Stuart Berry

01646 684220

We will not ask how much you are considering donating, and will not share your contact details or add you to our mailing lists.

Many thanks for considering a gift in your Will to Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust

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