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Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust operates Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre, and is a registered charity in England and Wales, number 1120476. We do not receieve any regular external funding and rely on donations to continue to operate.

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Education Visits – Teachers Resource Pack

Education Visits – Teachers Resource Pack

To enhance your visit we are also able to offer an education pack at a nominal cost of £10. The pack has been designed to be as flexible as possible for school teachers and to enable groups to get the most out of a visit to the Sunderland Trust and to support Teachers’ adaptations of ideas and activities for older or younger age groups. Based on The Welsh Government guidance for History in the National Curriculum, it contains some pre and post visit suggested activities too.

 The pack is organised in two distinct sections:

  1. Section one concentrates on the general historical development of Pembroke Dock as a town from the early 19th Century to the present day. This Section can be used mainly for pre or post visits to the Sunderland Trust, and puts the history of the Sunderland flying boats into the appropriate historical context. The resources consist of two parts:
  • The narrative for teachers, together with relevant maps and photographs that can be used by teachers to create their own activities.
  • Some suggested activities that teachers can use as appropriate.


  1. Section Two concentrates on the history of the Sunderland flying boats and the important roles they played during the Second World War, and gives some insight into the exciting prospect of raising the Sunderland, T9044 from the sea at Pembroke Dock. These resources also consist of two parts:
  • The narrative for teachers about the Sunderland, concentrating on the technology of the flying boat and the people and places associated with it.
  • An activity pack to enable them to get the most out a visit to the Sunderland Trust. This will contain some pre and post visit suggested activities too.

Within the eight activities in the pack the following National Curriculum skills are addressed:

  • Developing thinking
  • Developing communication
  • Developing number
  • Chronological awareness
  • Interpretations of history
  • Historical knowledge and understanding
  • Historical enquiry
  • Organisation and communication
education pack
The Teacher’s Resource Pack is available at a nominal cost and is designed to be as flexible as possible.


Launch of the Education resource pack May 2014

Resource Pack Launch
Launch of the Education Resource pack in May 2014


The Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust acknowledges the key support of the following in the compilation and production of this Education Pack:

  • Heritage Lottery Fund, as part of the Bicentennial Timeline project which features in the Pembroke Dock Heritage Centre at the Dockyard Chapel.
  • Volunteers Sue Clarkson, Chris Howell and Gareth Mills
  • John Evans Author
  • Tim Harvatt of Rockpool Design
  • Eleanor Evans Project Co-ordinator