T9044 Underwater

After 70 years in seawater, much remains of T9044, 65 feet down on the seabed of the Milford Haven Waterway.

Divers are always impressed by the sheer scale of the wreck. Mud and sediment has accumulated in and around the aircraft, helping to preserve the structure.

It is a ‘time capsule’ of the wartime RAF.

One of T9044’s four Bristol Pegasus XXII radial engines has already been recovered for conservation and display, during the filming for a ‘Wreck Detectives’ programme. Many other parts have been recovered including the Astrodome and cockpit controls which are on display at the Flying Boat Visitor Centre.

The underwater site of Sunderland T9044 is protected by a 100 metre Exclusion Zone, designated by Milford Haven Port Authority.  The site is monitored by the Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust Dive Group. A dozen enthusiastic divers are committed to supporting the ‘Sunderland Project’ and are helping to move it steadily forward.

Within the Exclusion Zone no-one is allowed to dive, fish or anchor craft.

See the Milford Haven Port Authority’s website: www.mhpa.co.uk for relevant Notices to Mariners.

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